About Us

Bopa Monyetla’s passion and drive is people,animals and our planet. We develop programmes in impoverished communities that gives these communities the opportunity to earn an income by using the skills we teach them to create unique handcrafted collectable soft toys.

These unique collectables are aimed at raising awareness around issues that can no longer be ignored by humankind. Such as the plight of the Rhino and the pollution that is suffocating our oceans and killing our fish,sharks and whales.

The collectibles are then sold to develop the local economy in these impoverished communities. Which brings about real and positive change to the people.

Through this process the local communities get to understand and appreciate South Africa’s natural heritage and the importance of looking after our planet and its animals.Not just for us and our tourists but for future generations too.

The collectibles raise awareness on issues that are being ignored and soon if we don’t take notice and make a change we will lose everything including our planet .

Save the People, Save our Planet!